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Black Walnut Fruit

Black Walnut Harvesting Video

Do you have Black Walnut trees? Would you like to put the nuts to good use? If so, there are techniques for getting the ground around your trees ready for easier harvest.

In the imbedded video, one of our Boone County Master Gardeners walks you thru the steps that you can take in preparing the ground around your trees. Following these steps will enable an easier harvest of the green Black Walnuts this fall.

By shortening the grass under the trees and removing any dry limbs and other debris makes it much easier to see and collect the green Black Walnuts. It also shows techniques for removing standing water and improving the drainage of the soil around your trees.

2 Comments on “Black Walnut Harvesting Video

  1. Mitch, that was a very nice video. Enjoyed watching it. In the video you said you planted 50 bald cypress but only 7 remain. Did they die out due to drought? Just curious. That seemed like a large number to lose.

    • Linda, Yes the area was for the most part a wet area in the spring but in the summer dried out. the one that survived were along the wettest part of the area. They are about 60 feet tall and placed 10 feet apart. Thank you for your comment